Istanbul Best Health was founded in Istanbul in 2013 as a hair transplant clinic offering world-class procedures. Istanbul Best Health has undertaken to host its visitors in the best possible way with its competent workforce of 43 people and service quality at European standards. The famous Istanbul Best Health hair transplantation facility has been operating for eight years and provides services in six different languages.

özel yalı ataköy polikliniği
özel yalı ataköy polikliniği

Consulting and Guidance

During the reservation for the hair transplantation operation, Istanbul Best Health team reviews the recipient and donor areas in detail as an initial consultation. This is an important step in planning the operation and clarifying the patient's expectations. Once your reservation is confirmed, Istanbul Best Health Personal Representative provides our patients with detailed information about everything they may need before the operation. This allows patients to make the necessary preparations before the operation and to focus comfortably on the operation process. Istanbul Best Health provides full support before and after the operation, adopting a special approach for each patient. It works diligently to ensure patients' satisfaction and comfort and provides a patient-oriented service at every stage.

During the Transaction

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Istanbul Best Sağlık prefers the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method as a hair transplantation technique. This method is considered a modern and effective method for hair transplantation. FUE involves removing individual hair follicles from the donor area to obtain the maximum amount of graft possible. The FUE method provides a scarless and painless surgery. FUE, which is less invasive than traditional hair transplantation methods, accelerates the healing process of patients and ensures they experience less discomfort. For this reason, patients often prefer the FUE method.

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Hair Transplantation Department

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 60 who have experienced hair loss or have wide foreheads due to genetic reasons prefer hair transplantation treatment. This treatment is performed in sterile hospital environments by expert medical professionals and their teams and is performed using microsurgical techniques. Hair transplantation process consists of four stages: -Determining the hairline -Removal of hair follicles with FUE technique -Channel opening process -Transplantation of hair follicles

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Istanbul Sağlık is a brand that adopts the mission of hosting its visitors in the best way with service quality at European standards and currently offers services in 6 different languages.