özel yalı ataköy polikliniği

Istanbul Best Health offers modern and high-quality hair and beard transplantation services in an ethical and reliable environment with expert doctors, medical staff and other clinical staff. We are proud of our talented medical team who consistently produce high quality work to maintain our reputation for hair and beard transplantation.

As Private Yalı Ataköy Polyclinic, we provide services to many people from many countries with our medical team specialized in hair and beard transplantation. Thanks to our VIP Hair and Beard Transplant service, we have become a clinic preferred by famous artists and celebrities around the world. The basis of the success of this VIP service lies in the collaboration of expert doctors, skilled medical personnel and experienced office staff. If you would like to review the CVs of our doctors, detailed summaries are available on our website.


AGE: 47

NATION: Turkey


AGE: 45

NATION: Turkey

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Istanbul Sağlık is a brand that adopts the mission of hosting its visitors in the best way with service quality at European standards and currently offers services in 6 different languages.